SUUNTO Transmitter

SUUNTO Transmitter

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SUUNTO's wireless transmitter which is compatible with all SUUNTO D-Series computers, and air integrated NOVO lines as listed below.

Add Air Integration to your Computer with this optional Transmitter. Transmitter upgrades your computer to display tank pressure, remaining air time and will allow you to later analysis real-time tank pressure by storing it in your computer's memory. Transmitter is powered by a common user replaceable 3 volt CR2 lithium battery and when installed to your regulators 7/6" threaded high pressure (HP) port will provide the computer with the following unique feature. 

Remaining Air Time:  The Remaining Air Time (RAT) feature calculates current depth, tank pressure, your breathing rate, ascent time, and decompression status to tell you exactly how much time you can remain underwater. When using the transmitter option the computer with display gas pressure from 0 to 5000 psi (0 to 350 bars).

The SUUNTO Transmitter is compatible with the following SUUNTO computers:

D9, DX, D9tx, D4i, D4i Novo, D6i, D6i Novo, Vytec, Vytec DS, Vyper Novo, Vyper Air, and HelO2