Aqua Lung Omni BCD
Aqua Lung Omni BCD

Aqua Lung Omni BCD

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Created for anyone who wants to fully customize their dive gear, the Omni is a revolutionary jacket-style BCD designed to fit your specific style and size. Bringing ModLock technology popularized by Aqua Lungs Rogue & Outlaw BCD's connector system, the Omni allows you to choose from 3 universal sizing components: for your back, your shoulders and your waist, allowing for dozens of size combinations. Continue your customization by choosing from multiple accessory options and 6 color kits. This is the ideal platform to create your perfect fit and you've got an infinity of possible configurations. The color kits are sold seperatley, but must be bought in order to complete the Omni BCD.

ModLock connectors easily click into place and are simply unlocked with a small tool such as a key or pen. Color kits available in 6 options with the following components: back pad, reusable mesh bag, SureLock II weight pockets, octo pocket, console holder, inflator hold down, zipper pulls, and chest strap slider. Customizable jacket style BCD with the most desired features: zippered pockets, stainless steel D-rings, octo & console holders & knife attachment point. GripLock tank band with patent pending finger-saver feature and macro presets create an easy and safe solution for securing and detaching a cylinder to the BCD. Included Patented SureLock II Weight System - allows you to easily insert the weight pouch and an audible click lets you know the weights are secure in the BCD. Once engaged, the weights can be released with a firm pull of the handle. The SureLock II weight pockets can accommodate 20 lbs. (9 kg) capacity in size small and medium and 40 lbs. (18 kg) in sizes large with 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) non-releasable rear trim pockets in all sizes.

A new 3-position bladder retraction system pulls in the sides of the bladder during deflation keeping the unit streamlined and reducing drag. Adjustable chest strap for personalized comfort. Features 4 pre-bent stainless-steel D-rings for streamlined accessory attachment. Both upper and lower right pull dump valves. The Omni comes equipped with Aqua Lungs Power Line Inflator with an increased fill rate which is now, one of the highest air flows in the industry. The Power Line is an environmentally sealed unit for less maintenance, has integrated hose clips for attachment to the LP hose for a streamline and low profile. The inflator is equipped with a cable activated rapid exhaust at the top, simply pull down on lower unit to dump air. Inflator also includes a 3/8" threaded low-pressure quick-disconnect hose for attachment to your first stage regulator.

The 3-sizes of air cells allow you to choose lift capacities of 31 lbs. (14 kg) in small, 36 lbs. (16.3 kg) in medium and 47 lbs. (21.32 kg) in large. The BCD's harness system consists of torso adjustable swivel shoulder, chest sternum and a waist straps that are all equipped with squeeze-style side-release buckles for easy donning and doffing. The omni BCD is manufactured from durable nylon fabrics with the internal urethane laminate radio frequency (RF) welded seams. Included with the BCD is an owner's manual.


  • Aqua Lung Omni Base BCD:
  • Fully Customized BCD Concept
  • Build Your Own Jacket Style BCD
  • Aqua Lung's ModLock Technology
  • Durable Proprietary Materials
  • Nylon Internally Urethane Laminated Air Cell
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Seams for Strength & Durability
  • Aqua Lungs Power Line Inflator:
    Increased Fill Rate
    One-of-The-Highest Air Flows In Industry
    Environmentally Sealed Unit, Less Maintenance
    Integrated-Hose Clips for Attachment of LP Hose
    Streamline & Low Profile
    Cable Activated Rapid Exhaust, Simply Pull-Down On Lower Unit to Dump Air
  • 3/8" Threaded Low-Pressure Quick-Disconnect Hose
  • 3-Sizes of Air Cells Allows Choosing Lift Capacity
  • Small: 31 lbs. (14 kg), Medium: 36 lbs. (16.3 kg), Large: 47 lbs. (21.32 kg)
  • 3-Position Bladder Retraction System Pulls-In-Sides of Bladder During Deflation
  • Bladder Retraction System: Keeps Unit Streamlined & Reducing Drag
  • Upper & Lower Right Pull Dump Valves
  • ModLock Connectors:
    Easily Click Into-Place
    Simply Unlocked w/Small Tool Like Key or Pen
  • Knife Mounting Grommets
  • 4-Pre-Bent Stainless Steel D-Rings
  • Zippered Pockets
  • Multiple Storage Options for Accessory Items
  • Color Kits Available (and Required) In 6 Options:
    Multiple Colors Match Your Gear:
    Included Components:
    Back Pad, Reusable Mesh Bag
    SureLock II Weight Pockets
    Octo Pocket
    Console Holder, Inflator Hold Down
    Zipper Pulls, Chest Strap Slider
  • Innovative Sure-Lock II Mechanical Weight Release System:
    20 lbs. (9 kg) Releasable Weight Capacity in All Sizes
    Easy to Load
    Remains Secure Until You-Want-to-Release-It!
    Weight Pockets Align Themselves, Just Insert-the-Pocket Until it "Clicks"
    Simple, Single-Pull Release of Weights in an Emergency
  • Grip-Lock Tank Band System:
    Makes Attachment to Cylinder Easy
    Innovative "Finger Saver" Feature
  • Owner's Manual

A color kit (sold separately) is required with the purchase of the Omni BC.  The Omni BC is not complete without the straps, back pad, and accessory items in the color kit.