Aqua Lung Atlantis Mask

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The large, open styling of the Pacific is a classic design. The high-volume, single lens construction gives a wide, unobstructed field-of-view. The modern silicone skirt includes access to the nose pocket to aid equalization.

Key Features
  • High-volume single lens masks gives an excellent field of view
  • Available only in black, with black silicone skirt
  • Silicone skirt delivers an improved fit and more secure seal against the skin
  • Shatterproof, tempered glass lens suitable for diving and snorkeling meets ANSI standards
Single lens u2713
Twin lens -
Multi lens -
Cardanic joint buckles -
Ratchet buckles u2713
Nose purge -
Wide strap -
Standard strap u2713
Corrective lenses -
Slim fit -
Black skirt available u2713